What We do

Audit and Assurance

We provide a range of audit and assurance services including Statutory Audit, Internal Audit, Special Audit and Risk Assurance services of an organization. We understand and recognize that businesses of today face countless issues. We provide specialized and focused services for public and private clients.


Our services under audit and assurance include:

a)      Statutory audit

b)      Internal audit

c)      Performance audit

d)      Management audit

e)      Due diligence audit

Tax Services

Tax and regulatory issues are the complex and changing in every year under the provision of Finance Regulation of the country. Our Tax Services helps to the client by the proper way of understanding of tax and regulatory issues.

Our Tax Services include:

a)      Advising on tax planning and management

b)      Tax Audit Service to local and foreign clients

c)      VAT/Custom/Excise Advisory

d)     Preparing and Submitting Tax Returns

e)      Business Registration

f)       Preparation of Joint Venture, Licensing and other agreements


Our advisory and consulting services are providing quality analysis and valuable business insights to help decision making. We provide the following services:

a)      Determination of fair market value of property or business as per IFRS.

b)      Preparing Business planning and plan for re-engineering

c)      Working as financial advisors for acquiring loan fund and private equity.

d)      Determination of intrinsic value of any security against its present market price.

e)      Compilation of securities transactions for income tax purpose.

f)       Designing the processes and planning for merger and acquisitions.

g)      Financial due diligence

h)      Preparing Business feasibility reports.

i)        Drafting contract documents and agreements for joint venture, long term contracts for construction and other services.

j)        Drafting special operating procedures (SOP) for various capital and revenue expenses.

k)      Providing all related services for establishing a joint venture enterprises in Nepal.

l)        Drafting the format for MIS and corporate reporting.

m)   Provide services required for regulatory compliance.

HR Management

Human Capital is importance for conducting business efficiently. Human Resources need to be a most dynamic and expertise. We apply this value in providing HR services. We provide the following HR services:

  1. Drafting employees policies and advising for establishing a systematic internal control system.
  2. Drafting various and alternative compensation plans.
  3. Drafting organization structure suitable for an enterprise.
  4. HR Outsourcing